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Video description: Junior is a stunning man, built from head to toe with muscle andtattoos. His hairy chest and huge arms bulge as he escapes workwith an afternoon jerk-off. As he works his dick, RJ enters and isquickly transformed from co-worker to cocksucker, working Junior'sdick past his lips. RJ takes his time swallowing dick, first working onJunior's balls and then back to the massive rod. Junior has a taste fordick too and he works down RJ's hairy chest to his cock before takingthe whole thing in his mouth. With RJ rock hard, Junior lays him backfor a chance at his ass, licking his lips before diving in and warmingup RJ's hole with his tongue. But the real show starts after thecondom goes on. Junior fucks like a champ. RJ whines and whimperslike a good bottom as Junior pounds away. Junior fucks RJ on hisback and then on his knees before pushing him up against a ladderfor a final round. With Junior's dick in his ass, RJ shoots and hits thefloor before Junior pulls out and explodes all over RJ's ass.


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