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Video description: When you want your bottoms fettered and flogged, call in toughterrorizer Tony Bishop. You'll only find him in Fetish Force films thesedays, and in Where the Players Go he defiles inked-up cum punkCylus Kohen like he hasn't seen a man or lost a load for months.Tony's infamous mean streak takes over, and he hawks nasty globs ofspit in the bottom's face, and chains him to a St. Anthony's cross.When helpless Cylus is barely able to squirm, Tony lays on theflogger. Cylus counts each lash back from ten as the strokes growharsher, and his painful ecstasy soars to excruciating heights. Or is itdepths? Cylus' pale back shines bright red by the time Tony'sfinished. But the lacerating flogging was only a warm up-- the brutaldude, Tony needs his fat, double-ringed cock sucked, his huge ballsgnawed. And then he needs to plunder Cylus' poor ass slit. Tony'scruel cock fills the hole with the pulverizing force of a battering ram.He turns Cylus' face away, growling, 'You don't deserve to see it,' andhowling like a wild dog, is ripped apart with agony as his hugedistended cock shoots cream bullets over Cylus' flayed back.


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