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Video description: With the passion that Koichi and Tsohiyo feel for one another, I thought I would let the boys play out some fantasies and just tag along. The two stop on a street corner, out in public, to begin their pairing. In this ďTwink Beach,Ē they come together as one, flowering in the noon day sun. Koichi and Tsohiyo begin to fondle one another as they kiss, deeply. They feel and provoke; Koichi pulls Tsohiyo closer and plays with his nipples. Tsohiyo presents his tongue to be sucked, and his dick to be rubbed. As I zoom in, you can hear their heavy breathing intensify. Both move their hands softly over one anotherís body as they embrace. Koichi is already bulging with anticipation and takes Tsohiyo to more secluded spot along the beach. The boys paint each otherís bodies with clay as they massage. Tsohiyo looks longingly at his partner before bending down to engulf Koichiís member. Keeping eye contact, Tsohiyo grasps and swallows Koichiís head; Tsohiyo is very satisfied with the flavor of his partner. Looking into the camera with the same sensuality, Tsohiyo invites us to participate in their pairing; he continues to glide over the moistened head of Koichi. Standing over his friend, Koichi is so turned on by the oral attention, it is not long before he releases. His cum pollinates in thick dollops of cream and lands upon the sweet cheek of Tsohiyo. Flaring his nostrils, Tsohiyo takes in all the aroma of Koichiís manhood. In a floral presentation of some of Japanís natural beauty, I capture the full bloom, including the heavy pollinated pistol, rising from the receptacle. These beautiful flowers are like the boys, ripe with nectar and mesmerizing in their sensuality. The stamens of the blossoms also bend from the weight of the reproductive seeds. The petals falling open and the abundant bounty within is presented. Koichi plucks one such beauty and presents it to Tsohiyo, who playfully bats away the advance, before allowing Koichi to place the flower in his gorgeous mane. These two are truly like the essence of nature, in full bloom.


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