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Video description: Sitting up side-by-side on the bed, Marty and Drew get locked, cocked and ready to go. Drew's matching Marty tug for tug, and you can see each of them sneaks some peeks to see what the other is packing. You can see Marty's really starting to get worked up by the tall, hot stud beside him, but Drew's looking like he needs some extra attention, so Marty leans in and sticks his face right in Drew's junk. Well, that definitely does the trick! Drew starts gasping and moaning as Marty bobs up and down on that shaft, and it's really hot to see his O-face as he gets more and more turned on by the BJ. Marty sucks obediently, getting Drew good and thick, until Drew decides the only respectable thing to do would be to return the favor. So Marty lies on his back and Drew mounts his face, his big ol' dong dangling in front of Marty's face as Drew sucks his cock. After a good long 69, Drew takes Marty's cock out of his mouth just long enough to say 'I wanna fuck you.' Marty obliges, arching his back and pressing his meaty butt up against Drew's waiting hard-on. Once Marty's gotten used to that big throbbing cock up his hole, Drew picks up the pace, and his hands go from gripping Marty's extraordinary buttcheeks to playing with his dick while he fucks him. What a thoughtful guy to give his friend a reach-around!


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