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Video description: Cort's a sturdy-looking young man with a nice, toned body and a penchant for drinking and partying. He tells us he's 5'7' and 160 pounds, with a bare, smooth chest and a couple of tattoos. He alternates, as one hand strokes his firm stiffy under his boxer-briefs, while the other caresses the muscles of his upper torso. Cort hits the ground running, as he rubs himself up fast and furious. But this is a marathon, not a sprint, so after a while he slows his pace, using just his thumb and index finger to play up and down the sides of his shaft. With his other hand, he gives his balls a little tug, just to show them who's boss. They must be bursting with semen, but our man Cort's gonna cum when he's good and ready, and he's not done enjoying himself yet! He picks up the pace again, and the loud sounds of him rubbing his dick back and forth in his hand are priceless. So's the huge load that shoots all over his smooth chest and drips down into his treasure trail. Cort's left a little wordless while he catches his breath, but the smile on his face says it all.


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