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Video description: Timo and Kyle are reliving boot camp by showing each other some of the physical training they learned. First, Timo has Kyle rest his legs across his back. Then Timo does push ups while Kyle does tricep dips. After they've gotten a good upper body work out, Kyle lays on his back and kicks his legs up in the air. Standing above him, Timo grabs his feet and pushes them toward the ground. Kyle then kicks them back up, giving his abs a good work out. Kyle's mid-section isn't the only thing getting a workout today. Both of these military hotties are horny and eager to get at each other's cocks. Timo asks Kyle if he'd like to see his up close. Kyle eagerly dives in for some sausage swallowing. As he eagerly slurps and sucks, Timo closes his eyes and moans. Timo is the kind of guy that likes to suck dick as much as he likes getting his sucked. He rips down Kyle's camos and immediately starts slobbering on his knob like a good private. When he's got Kyle good and riled up, he bends him over the trunk and shoves his hard dick deep into the seaman's hole. As he thrusts into Kyle's velvet hallway, our Navy man groans with pleasure. Timo is ready to put Kyle in the driver seat. So he lays back on the couch and lets the sailor ride his cock for awhile. When Timo is ready to shoot his wad, he rips his meat from Kyle's clenched sphincter and shoves it in his face. As the the jizz juice flies, it coats Kyle's flat abdomen. Timo wants to make sure his load doesn't get wasted on the outside, taking his index finger to scoop up a few globs and feed it to his smiling partner.


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